Visitoes Septmebr

Visitoes Septmebr

CLASSICdrinks are very excited to welcome Roberto to Ireland this September

Roberto Silva Garmendia is an agricultural engineer from the University of Chile, and has specialized in winemaking and agriculture since 2003. With more than 15 years of experience in the wine industry, he has worked in leading national wineries such as William Fevre, Caliterra and Santa Carolina. At Santa Carolina, he was Chief Winemaker of the barrel cellar in Santiago and of the varietal wines from the Molina winery, located in the VII region of Chile.


In 2004, he worked the harvest in Champagne, France, at the Nicolas Maillart house. There he completely immersed himself in the experience and processes, learning how to make top-quality French champagne.


Roberto has recently joined Vía Wines, excited by the opportunity to work in Maule Valley, a renowned region for viticulture for its great potential, as well as unique climate and soil conditions.


“I am proud to be part of Via Wines, as it has always been a leading winery in the development of innovative assemblages and diverse wine ranges with character and sense of origin,” says Roberto.