Since its founding in 1979 in Rengo, 130 km. south of Santiago, Torreón de Paredes winery has had one clear, guiding principle:
“A good wine can only be produced using top quality proprietary grapes”.

This fundamental purpose gives the wines of Torreón de Paredes, which sits in the middle of the well-known Cachapoal Valley and carries the Rapel appellation, the unique characteristics of a celebrated winery.

Torreón de Paredes has achieved its notable status thanks to its strong Family tradition, present in all aspects of the operation.
Don Amado Paredes is the mentor and founder of this successful winery, while his sons, Alvaro and Javier, pass on the family stamp directing the effort along with a top-quality staff.

All these factors give continuity as well as the impetus for day-to-day improvement in the winery’s successful effort, which can be summarised this way:

To produce top quality wine that manifests all natures gifts to the land, the vineyards and the people who work them.